The Breakdown


Legend is a nonprofit program that provides free training to elementary aged children six through twelve years old who attend the YMCA during afterschool hours.


Our lessons are faith-infused and practical. We teach your children practical life skills through different lessons that are taught at each Legend meeting using games, activities, challenges, Y-bucks, and the Bible.


Currently at the Port Orange, YMCA in Florida, but we will eventually be expanding to other local Y’s in the area.


Legend staff greet the children after they arrive off the bus from school. It is an hour and a half long in the late afternoon and early evening from 4:00-5:30pm, once to twice a week throughout the fall and spring semester.


We want to teach your children practical skills to help them become leaders in their community and grow into healthy young adults.



We start each Legend class with a lesson centered around the theme we are learning about for the semester. Our current theme is “Legends Have Manners”. In this theme Legend kids walk through different lessons on manners including, manners with yourself (loving yourself before you can love others), manners at home (obeying your parents), table manners (etiquette), and many more.

Within each theme and lesson kids are building upon interpersonal skills, self-esteem, and healthy coping strategies.


We try to make learning fun, because we know your child has been sitting in class all day, so while we are teaching the lessons we implement games and activites that stimulate your child’s mind to give them an experiential form of learning, helping your child to remember what he/she has learned.


Y-Bucks is the currency of the LEGEND financial system. Students earn Y-Bucks for answering questions, following rules, winning games, good decisions/behavior, and completing the take home challenges. Students have the option to put their money in the bank or to keep it in their wallets.

Students can use Y-Bucks to purchase prizes from the prize box, as well as gain access to the end of semester party. Y-Bucks are also used to pay fines for breaking rules and misbehavior.

Our reward system not only encourages learning and participation, but it teaches kids financial responsibility including risk management, savings, and decision making. It also provides a chance to instill important qualities such as delayed gratification, and the ability to set and reach goals.


Challenges are short & simple creative worksheets we hand out to Legend kids at the end of each lesson. These challenges are to encourage the children to take what they have learned and apply it at home and in their community. They provoke critical thinking and provide a practical way to apply the Legend lessons.


Let’s Get Started!

If you are ready to get started send us an email by going to the Contact’s tab and we will send you all the forms you need to get started.

Make sure to print, sign, and complete the form. Then, hand it in to your local YMCA and your child will be on his/her way to becoming a Legend…



– LegendbyGoals™