L.G.D. – Leadership, Growth, & Development

“I’m a LEGEND”
-Become someone who can be admired for the unique impact you make using the gifts God gave you.



When a part of LeGenD, children are learning that they can be leaders and become a legend in their community. We instill these attitudes into the elementary-aged children by teaching them the importance of growing in their character and developing in their gifts.


One cannot become a legend and make an impact on one’s community without knowing how to be a leader, and one cannot become a leader without growth and development.


Therefore, in this program we first build upon the children’s character by growing them in areas of behavior such as good manners, coping skills, and self-esteem. Once, these basic skills are learned we develop their gifts and talents by teaching them about their purpose in life and how to follow it. Once they have created self-awareness, learned practical skills, and know their purpose, they are encouraged to become a legend of their own (someone who is admired for something special they contribute to this world).



Legend Triangle Ready




To teach children practical skills in a fun and creative way, using biblical truths.


Children develop and grow to become leaders in their community.